Spring 2016 issue
  • Public Health Pioneers

    Public Health Pioneers

    JOSEPH LAU, MD At the end of August, Joseph Lau, MD, retired from the School of Public Health. During his career he has earned a reputation as an invaluable collaborator, mentor, pioneer, innovator, and beloved colleague. Lau retired as professor of health services, policy, and  practice at the School of Public Health, where he was…

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  • Student Profile: Ashley Lowery

    Student Profile: Ashley Lowery

    Ashley Lowery always had a passion for health, but didn’t always know that public health was the right choice for her. As an undergraduate student at Jackson State University she studied psychology and was drawn to drug and alcohol abuse related issues. An internship at Washington University in  St. Louis combining psychiatry with public health…

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  • Honors and Awards, Spring 2016

    Honors and Awards, Spring 2016

    Vincent Mor Elected to National Academy of Medicine Members of the National Academy of Medicine have elected Brown University Professor Vincent Mor to join their ranks. “Membership in the NAM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievements and commitment…

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  • Levinger Lecture

    Levinger Lecture

    When people begin and then continue life with poorer health, less income and wealth, higher degrees of stress, and less access to education and health care, their health itself will suffer, and that in turn can make improving any of their other disadvantages harder. The statistical evidence shows that this complex interplay of difficulties dispropor-tionately…

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  • Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute

    Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute

    With a gift of $12.5 million from the family of retired Hasbro Chairman and CEO Alan Hassenfeld, Brown will establish the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute to accelerate progress on the urgent health needs of the smallest state’s smallest residents. Brown President Christina H. Paxson and Hassenfeld joined Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo and other…

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  • Brown Experts Advise Governor’s Overdose Task Force

    Brown Experts Advise Governor’s Overdose Task Force

    The statistics are startling. In 2014, 239 people in RI lost their lives to overdose, more than the number of homicides, motor vehicle deaths, and suicides combined. The problems of opioid dependence and accidental drug overdose have been growing for some time. And growing in direct relation to a dramatic increase in the amount of…

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  • New Faculty, Fall 2015

    New Faculty, Fall 2015

    The School of Public Health is fortunate to have several new faculty members in the fold whose research interests run the gamut from behavioral interventions to reduce risk among racial, sexual and gender minorities, to weight-related disorders, to longitudinal mediation analysis, to HIV prevention and pharmacoeconomics. Take a moment to learn how they are working…

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  • The Providence Center: Healthy minds ages 1-89

    The Providence Center: Healthy minds ages 1-89

    Dr. Dale Klatzker is President and CEO of The Providence Center, a community resource that provides mental health and substance use services to Rhode Island.

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  • Editor’s Note, Spring 2016

    Editor’s Note, Spring 2016

    Governor Gina Raimondo recently said “If we treat people with substance-abuse problems instead of sending them  [to prison], we’re going to save money and save lives.” Addiction is at the forefront of public health discussion  as the epidemic continues to have a stranglehold on the United States. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that…

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  • Alumni News, Spring 2016

    Alumni News, Spring 2016

    SARAH DAVEY, MPH ’15 Sarah Davey is working as a project associate for a nonprofit organization called Management Sciences for Health (MSH), in Medford, MA. MSH is one of the primary recipients of USAID funding for global health and health systems strengthening, as well as projects with UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, Save the Children, and…

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