• Letter from the Dean

    Letter from the Dean

    The warning in this issue of Continuum is a stark one. But it’s a warning that’s worth making, and worth heeding. According to leading scientific experts, it is not too late to cap rising temperatures at 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels. Bu tit will take a massive global effort to avoid devastating physical impacts to…

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  • Alumni Profile: Allegra Scharff MPH ’17

    Alumni Profile: Allegra Scharff MPH ’17

    Place-based approaches to reducing health inequity The School of Public Health is a global institution; students and alumni work around the world promoting health equity and improving health outcomes. Equally important as the school’s global footprint, however, is its commitment to the neighborhoods and communities that surround it. Allegra Scharff, MPH ’17, is carrying on…

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  • Time Is Running Out

    Time Is Running Out

    At a precarious time for the planet, Brown’s Center for Environmental Health and Technology is working to promote resilient, sustainable, healthy communities.

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  • Faculty in Focus

    Faculty in Focus

    Joseph Braun, MSPH, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Epidemiology Linking environmental exposures and children’s health. You have degrees in biochemistry and nursing. How did you become interested in public health, and the link between environmental pollutants and children’s health?  My undergraduate studies were in biochemistry. I really enjoyed the science and the molecular biology of the…

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  • Faculty Honors

    Faculty Honors

    The latest School of Public Health faculty awards and recognition 10th Annual Jack Mendelson Award: National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism The Jack Mendelson Award from the NIAAA honors an outstanding alcohol investigator whose clinical research makes a substantial contribution toward increasing our understanding of the effects of alcohol on health and well-being, and…

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  • School of Public Health Commencement Ceremony 2018

    School of Public Health Commencement Ceremony 2018

    Sunday, May 27, 2018 A record number of 27 undergraduate students graduated with honors in the Public Health Concentration—44% of the graduating class overall. 165 Graduates: 84 Master’s, 13 PhDs, 68 Undergraduates “The graduates of the Brown University School of Public Health have gained the skills to improve human health on a large scale –…

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  • Class Notes

    Class Notes

    The latest news & updates from School of Public Health alumni Morayo Akande, MPH ‘17  Morayo Akande recently returned to the Brown School of Public Health as a project coordinator in the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies. With a focus on research taking place in South Africa, Morayo works on studies that are creating novel…

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  • Black Alumni Reunion 2018

    Black Alumni Reunion 2018

    Fifty years after the Black Student Walkout of 1968, alumni returned to campus to reflect on the impact of this historic event and discuss diversity and inclusion at Brown. At more than 30 events, the Brown community came together to celebrate student activism over the years, to look at current issues of diversity and inclusion, and…

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  • Student Profile: Geetika Kalloo

    Student Profile: Geetika Kalloo

    Doctoral candidate, Department of Epidemiology Kalloo, a fourth-year doctoral student in epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health, examines which chemical combinations pregnant women might be exposed to and how those exposures impact newborn outcomes and neurodevelopmental outcomes in early childhood. What do you focus on in your doctoral studies here at Brown?…

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  • Confronting Climate Change

    Confronting Climate Change

    Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse The Senator from Rhode Island is passionate about acting on climate change and protecting our environment.  As a founder of the Senate Climate Action Task Force he is fighting for smarter solutions. What has fueled your passion to address environmental issues that affect population health? Environmental hazards harm public health…

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  • Brown Researcher Advises Michigan PFAS Action Response Team

    Brown Researcher Advises Michigan PFAS Action Response Team

    When we think about recent environmental disasters, Flint, Michigan’s water quality crisis quickly comes to mind. But the Great Lakes State has another pollution problem that is less well known outside the state. For at least the last 70 years, Michigan manufacturers and others released chemical-laden waste into the environment. This waste contained PFAS, per-…

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  • For elderly residents, hurricanes bring increased risks

    For elderly residents, hurricanes bring increased risks

    Brown University School of Public Health faculty members David Dosa and Kali Thomas, along with collaborators at the University of South Florida, received a $900,000 grant in early September from the National Institutes of Health to continue their work studying the impact of hurricanes on residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

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  • Child lead exposure study finds substantial reductions possible

    Child lead exposure study finds substantial reductions possible

    Intervention by researchers reduced household lead below levels previously deemed achievable and reduced blood lead concentrations in more highly exposed children, though the decrease did not result in significant neurobehavioral improvements in children.

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  • Health Impact

    Health Impact

    Climate Change Champion Creating a healthy, sustainable, and resilient future for all Rhode Islanders  health.ri.gov Tell us about your role at the Rhode Island Department of Health. How does the Department of Health engage with environmental concerns? My program’s mission is to prepare for the human health effects of climate change and to create a healthy,…

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  • Brown Is Green

    Brown Is Green

    Brown University strives to contribute to building a clean, just, and responsible global environment.

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  • In extreme heat, landlords should be required to keep tenants cool

    In extreme heat, landlords should be required to keep tenants cool

    Originally published in THE GLOBE AND MAIL AUGUST 19, 2018 Last month, as a heat wave baked parts of the country, people flocked to beaches and neighborhood pools in an attempt to seek respite from the stifling weather. But as the temperatures climbed, so too did the death toll. In Ontario, three heat-related deaths were reported. In…

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  • New Faculty 2018-19

    New Faculty 2018-19

    Expanding Our Talent The Brown University School of Public Health welcomes exciting new faculty. Our newest members join over 250 faculty working across the School’s four academic departments and 13 research centers. Behavioral and Social Sciences Epidemiology Health Services, Policy and Practice Related articles: None Found

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